What is GrowthAdvisor’s Wealth Report? How to Make More Money?


Who will not want to learn how to make money quickly? Most people would love to grow wealth fast but in a risk-free way. There are different ways to make money but here we are going to help Employees learn how to use their Employee Stock Options and make money quickly.

GrowthAdvisor’s Wealth Report is the tool that we use to help employees plan their careers where growth is the key. 

You tried budgeting tools and hired a CPA or a financial advisor. You even asked your HR department about your 401(k) options and allocated part of your monthly income for automatic deposit.

None of it helped much. So now you’re here, wondering what to do next.

“Those who can transform their income into wealth allocate their time, energy, and money in ways that are conducive to long-term financial success.” 

— Thomas J. Stanley, Sarah Stanley Fallaw, The Next Millionaire Next Door


“Great,” you think. “This sounds like a smart thing to do. But what exactly does it mean in terms of practical steps?”

Luckily, we’ve got the answers for you in this post.

But first, let’s define wealth.

How is wealth different from income?

Let’s take a look at the definitions.



  1. an abundance of valuable possessions or money.



  1. money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments.

See the difference?

Wealth is an abundance of possessions or money while income is simply money received.

“Okay,” you think. “I get it. But what does this mean for my actual money?”

There are only three types of money: cash, debt, and equity. Cash doesn’t grow and doesn’t generate dividends (on top of it, it erodes from inflation). Debt doesn’t grow but does generate dividends. And equity grows and generates dividends.

Your income is CASH.

Your wealth is EQUITY.

That’s why it’s crucial that you focus on growing your wealth vs focusing on growing your income alone.

If you know your next steps, great! Write them down and start doing them.

If you don’t know your next steps, or if you’re panicking at the idea of spending months to educate yourself, don’t worry. We’ve got your back with our Wealth Report.

Why do you need a Wealth Report?

A Wealth Report helps with three main things.


Different companies offer different compensation packages.

You can use Google search and lots of online tools to compare compensation manually. Or you can compare them in GrowthAdvisor, to select the ones that earn you the most wealth (income + stock options).

career alternatives to grow more wealth

As you can see, companies that fall into the Slow Lane categories will earn you the least wealth. Companies that fall into the Medium Lane category will earn you medium wealth. And companies that fall into the Fast Lane category will earn you the most wealth.

That’s pretty self-explanatory, right? Think of it as driving down the highway.

Which lane do you want to be in slow, medium, or fast?

We agree. Fast is the way to go.

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

— Ayn Rand


You’ll reach your financial goals faster if they align with the wealth-building opportunities.

In your Wealth Report:

  • Compare what you’re earning now to what you could be earning in the future;
  • Match your skill set to several companies that can earn you the most;
  • Pick one company that is your perfect match;

Did you pick the company you currently work for? If yes, great! If no, it’s time to think about switching jobs.

Which brings us to the next benefit of the Wealth Planner.


Most people spend their working years without much of a career plan. As a result, they rarely reach their financial goals.

Wealth Report can help you decide where to spend the next 10 years of your life. And 10 years is a big chunk of time to spend without a plan.wealth guide-compare careers and make more money with employee stock options

Using the chart above, you can compare careers and plan the best career for you.

What company makes the most sense to work for?

The one that will build you the most wealth.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

— Henry David Thoreau


How to use your Wealth Report?

There are three ways to use your Wealth Report.


Pick a company and see how much wealth it’ll make you.

For example, let’s say you have picked SalesForce. See how it would grow in value in 10 years? You can track its growth year by year.zillow_career_alternativeOr pick another company, run the same report, then compare the two.

You can do the same with three, four, five companies. The more companies you pick, the more options you’ll have to choose from. The better your chances to plan your next 10 working years to build you the most wealth.


Repeat the same process for the company you’re currently working for. Enter all the facts you know, then run the Wealth Report.

Here is how:

      • Open your company
      • Open the “Assessments” tab
      • Enter your company’s revenue and expenses

If you don’t have that information, ask people in your financial department (try for people you trust most): “How much revenue are we making, on a run rate basis?” But be careful who you ask. Ask only people you trust.


We update our data daily.

Every three months come back to GrowthAdvisor and check to see which companies will grow you the most wealth.

Here is how:

      • Open your company
      • Open the “Facts” tab
      • Enter the number of shares offered at the company’s founding
      • And, Enter the valuation and the capital raised at each round
      • Enter your company’s revenue and expenses

And you’re done!

Remember to do this every three months. Make yourself a calendar reminder, or subscribe to our blog. Our posts will remind you.

A lot of people at Shearson ended up making a lot of money because they had stock or stock options. Their kids were able to go to college, and it changed a lot of people’s lives.

— Sanford I. Weill

To Conclude

Your wealth growth is in your hands. It’s important you learn how to manage it on your own. The more time you spend on it, the better you’ll get. And the faster you’ll get where you want to be: financial independence.

We’re here to help you get there. Give us a try.

Questions? Email our team at support@growthadvisorhq.com

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