Amazon Salary: How to Make $150,000+ (3 Secret Ways)


Want to know if you can make $150,000+ with an Amazon salary? Then this is the resource for you.

The secret is to get an Amazon Software Engineer job and to negotiate for more stock options. 

When managed right, employee stock options can be life-changing:

  • You’ll make money while you sleep
  • You’ll automatically build your long-term wealth
  • And, You’ll be able to retire 10-20 years early (or even earlier, if you start young)

If you don’t understand the value of stock options, you can miss this opportunity. Because an Amazon salary alone won’t get you there as fast. But an Amazon salary plus Amazon stock options will.

In this post, you’ll learn:

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Which Amazon jobs pay the highest salary?

The foundation of Amazon’s success is its innovation. And the backbone of that innovation is…

Software engineers. 

So of course, the highest Amazon salary gets paid to Amazon’s software engineers. For example:

  • The average Amazon salary for a software engineer is $72,000 to $160,000 per year
  • The average Amazon salary for a warehouse worker is $25,000 to $40,000 per year


Ouch. A huge difference.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the highest paying Amazon jobs (according to Glassdoor):

1. Senior Manager

You’ll manage multiple teams across multiple disciplines.

Average Amazon Salary: $151,579

2. Senior Software Development Engineer

You’ll design, develop and install software solutions. You’ll also support and develop software teams—teams responsible for building new and for supporting existing websites.

Average Amazon Salary: $141,921

3. Senior Technical Program Manager

You’ll streamline, invent and simplify technical processes. You’ll also make the business work more efficiently. 

Average Amazon Salary: $141,479

4. Software Development Engineer II (SDE2)

You’ll work with large codebases and architectural experiences.

Average Amazon Salary: $127,800

5. Technical Program Manager II

You’ll work with product management to identify and secure new initiatives. You’ll also set timelines and lead development teams from design to delivery. 

Average Amazon Salary: $124,592

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How to make $150,000+ (3 secret ways)

The three secret ways of making $150,000+ aren’t really a secret. But they’re often overlooked in favor of monthly cash—salary. Why? Because:

  • It’s easy to understand the math when the numbers are certain (salary)
  • It’s not easy to understand the math when the numbers are uncertain (stock options)

That’s where GrowthAdvisor can help you. We can show you how in addition to your salary you can get a good chunk of cash. If you play the game right, that is.

Here is how to do it.

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Secret 1. Negotiate salary

You’ve heard the word “negotiate” many times. And every time you hear it, you cringe. 

Can’t blame you. 

Negotiating makes most people uncomfortable. It’s much easier to just agree. 

But what if you could have data backing up your negotiations? What if all you had to do was to print out the numbers and to set the paper on the table?

We’ve got your back on this one. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter “Amazon” into your GrowthAdvisor account
  2. Search for all current Software Engineer salaries at Amazon
  3. Search for all current Software Engineer salaries at competing local companies
  4. Print out combined salary data
  5. Go to Secret 2

Secret 2. Negotiate stock options

The types of stock options you’ll get will depend on the company size. So…

A small pre-funded or funded startup will most likely give you ESOs (Employee Stock Options). But a giant public company like Amazon will most likely give you RSUs (Restricted Stock Units).

Now that you’ve got the salary data, you’ll need to get the stock options data.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter “Amazon” into your GrowthAdvisor account
  2. See the Amazon stock options’ worth today & in 10 years
  3. See the competing local companies stock options’ worth today & in 10 years
  4. Print out combined salary data

“But wait,” you’re wondering. “How can you predict the stock options’ worth?”

Great question. 

Our algorithms have analyzed the financial performance patterns of over 800,000 companies (including Amazon). And we’re adding new companies every day. 

We’re very proud to say that…

GrowthAdvisor is the world’s first stock-worth predicting platform. 


With our free tool you can:

  • Predict your Amazon stock options’ worth up to 10 years into the future
  • Predict any company’s stock options’ worth up to 10 years into the future
  • Use the prediction data to negotiate a higher salary
  • Know when to exercise your stock options to make the most cash

Which leads us to the final secret.

Secret 3. Exercise stock options at the right time

Getting a high Amazon salary is not enough. And even knowing the value of your stock options is not enough. 

You’ll need to know when to exercise your stock options to make the most money. 

But how do you know when to do it?

Most employees simply let it happen on its own. They let their employee stock options exercise automatically at the end of the vesting period. Or when the company goes public.

This works, of course. But by letting it go on autopilot you’ll miss out on getting the most cash value out of your stock options. And that’s the secret to building your long-term wealth.

Think about it in investing terms. If you know when the stock goes up, you’ll sell and make the most money. If you don’t know when the stock goes up, you’re exposed to a huge risk and can lose everything.

Predicting the stock market is impossible.

Predicting the value of any company’s stock options is possible because:

  • It’s a single company
  • The prediction is based on the company’s past performance pattern
  • The prediction is further refined by comparable companies’ past performance patterns

Yes, in the worst-case scenario, your stock options can be worthless. But, in the best-case scenario, your stock options can be worth A LOT.

Plan for the best, and you can win big.Plan for the best, and you can win big - GrowthAdvisorWith GrowthAdvisor you’ll know when to exercise your stock options to make the most money. 

Of course, they’re always the risk. 

GrowthAdvisor helps you minimize that risk just as investing in an index fund will help you minimize the same risk. Instead of one single company, you’ll invest in all of them. And with GrowthAdvisor, instead of relying on data from one single company you’ll rely on data from over 800,000 companies.growthadvisor-exit-scenariosSee how this works? We can show you potential exit scenarios for any company. Not only that, but you’ll see the value of your stock options according to a particular exit. 

With our tool, you can make smarter career decisions.

Where will you make the most money the fastest?

Will it be with an Amazon salary and Amazon stock? Or will it be with a small local startup, even though it offers a lower salary but more stock options?

You’ll be able to make smarter decisions, both short-term and long-term. And your decisions will be based on real-world data.

Get started. It’s free

Final Thoughts

A high Amazon salary combined with lots of Amazon stock can help you excel your career at Amazon and, to retire early. And if you play the game right, you can retire super-early. Remember the three secrets:

  1. Negotiate salary
  2. Negotiate stock options
  3. Exercise stock options at the right time

Or, you can do even better.

You can use your Amazon salary and stock to make extra cash, invest, then look for a job at a promising startup. You’ll be able to afford a lower salary. And with GrowthAdvisor’s help, you’ll be able to predict the value of your startup’s equity. You’ll exercise your stock options at just the right time. And you’ll make the most money.

You can map out your whole career with GrowthAdvisor. Even if you decide to stay at Amazon longer than 10 years, give it a try. It’s fun. We think you’ll love it.

                                   Started. It’s free

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