GrowthAdvisor: A New Way to Grow Wealth


By Bryan Starbuck, CEO, and Founder of GrowthAdvisor:

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of GrowthAdvisor—a whole new way to grow your wealth.

Throughout your career, you’ll have jobs that will make you money and jobs that will lose you money.

“Wait a minute,” you’re thinking. “What do you mean, lose me money? A job pays, doesn’t it?”

Yes, it does. And we’ll get to that in a moment.

But first, we want to give you some context for our statement. Let’s take a look at three hypothetical career paths for employees Steve, Jill, and Kate.

NOTE: Most people follow their career paths on autopilot, without a clear map.

Three Hypothetical Career Paths

Career Path 1 by employee Steve.

Steve works for a Big Company and makes $6K per year from his stock options. Ten years go by. One day Steve’s shocked to learn that other employees made more money than he. They all started in the same year and in the same job position.

“What did I do wrong?” Steve thinks.

Steve doesn’t know, but we do (we’ll get to how we know this later).

Here is what happened. When Steve hit a fork in his career path, he didn’t see it and kept going in the same direction. So, Steve took the wrong turn without even noticing it.

NOTE: About 80% of all employees fall into this category.

Career Path 2 by employee Jill.

Jill works for a Medium Company and makes $20K per year from her stock options. That’s a lot more than what Steve makes.

How did Jill do it?

Jill also didn’t notice the first fork in her career path, nor did the notice second one. But her friend Rob who happens to be a CFO pointed out the third fork to her, and she took the right turn.

What was it?

Her old Big Company paid Jill well. But when she got a new job at a Medium Company, she got a better compensation package—salary and stock options. The only reason Jill was able to do it was because she had a great advisor.

Career Path 3 by employee Kate.

Kate works for a Startup and averages $200K per year from her stock options. Wow. Quite a jump compared to Jill and Steve. Did Kate get lucky?

Yes and no.

Yes, because Kate made the right turn every time she hit a fork in her career path. It took her four jobs at four different companies until the last one got acquired.

Yes, you heard that right. Down to the month. She was able to plan her vacation a year ahead, knowing she’d have enough cash coming in to pay for it.

Here is how her career path looks like.

How You Can Use GrowthAdvisor for Your Career Planning

Now we can answer your question.

How did we know what Steve did wrong?

We crunched data from over 800,000 companies. We came up with a rating system where you can type in the name of your company and see how it rates by comparison to others. The results show you how fast you can get to your ultimate wealth goal.

We call it a Wealth Planner. Here, try it out for yourself.

We believe our product is superior to anything else you’ve tried before. And we’re excited for you to give it a try and tell us what you think.

You might think, “Okay, this all sounds good, but…why are you doing all this for me? You don’t even know me.”

Fair question.

We do this because we’ve been employees ourselves. We’ve seen how clever companies can get in saving money by paying their employees less than they deserve. Companies have many professional advisors to help them. For example a board of directors, a law firm, investors and compensation specialists.

And who do you have, as an employee, to help you?

No one.

That’s why we started GrowthAdvisor.

We’re with you. We have your back. And we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to show you how to outwit the companies at their own game.

What we did is simple.

We developed a measuring stick accessible to any employee. In GrowthAdvisor, type in the name of your current company or the name of the company you want to work for. We’ll give you the map of your entire future career and the amount of money you’ll be making. It’ll all depend on the choices you’ll make along the way. Forks in the path. You know, turns.

And now we’re ready to give it to you. Calculate your life alternatives with the same ease that the companies can. It’ll cost you a fraction of what it costs them.

“Okay, I’m beginning to like you guys. But…who are you?”

We’re geeks like you, spending most of our time in front of computer screens, dressed in jeans and t-shirts. We’re a team of data scientists and software engineers obsessed with building the best product possible. And we did. Our product can predict your future earnings based on your current job.

Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too when we started in 2017. Now we don’t think so.

We’ve seen the difference our product can make.

How is this for comparison?

  1. Picking the right company as your employer can make you up to $1MM in stocks.
  2. Picking the wrong company as your employer can make you only $50K or even less.

All this after 10 years of full-time work, and that’s a long chunk of time taken out of your life.

Don’t you wish you had a smart financial advisor who could tell you how to navigate your career to make the most money out of it? We would, and that’s why we built GrowthAdvisor for you.

Ready to give us a try? Get started here.

Questions? Email our team at


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