Innospark Ventures is a Venture Capital firm, based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their area of interest ranges from the Business Services, Education, Cybersecurity, Healthcare to name a few. 


Innospark Ventures typically invests between $0.5 million and $5 million in different companies. They specialise in the seed/startup stage investments. They seeks to invest in various sectors like artificial intelligence, business services, life sciences, education, and cybersecurity companies based in Boston.


More About Innospark Ventures

Being bold is taking one step further to success. An organization must be able to take bold decisions to achieve its goals. Keeping this factor in mind, Innospark Ventures believes in bold innovation. Investing in the AI-driven economy, Innospark Ventures is a new breed of early-stage venture capital firm.

Serial entrepreneur Venkat Srinivasan established this venture capital with hopes to provide capital and support at all stages of the innovation and entrepreneurship lifecycle.

Innospark Ventures: Partners



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