GrowthAdvisor Launches Industry-First Free Employee Stock Options Predictive Analytics

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GrowthAdvisor Launches Industry-First Free Employee Stock Options Predictive Analytics

GrowthAdvisor is a startup predicting the value of equity grants for employees

SEATTLE, Dec. 23, 2019 GrowthAdvisor, the wealth-building platform for high-performing employees, today launched its free analytics tool that forecasts the value of Employee Stock Options up to 10 years into the future. GrowthAdvisor is the leading data science innovator that uses companies’ growth patterns to make predictions and to help employees build wealth in a whole new way. GrowthAdvisor also offers an extensive analysis of 800,000+ companies—making it easy to navigate careers and make smarter decisions.

With GrowthAdvisor, individuals, teams, and recruiters get access to the best-performing companies’ data: their potential profitability, exit scenarios, and value growth. This data can be used to get better job offers, negotiate more Employee Stock Options, and know when to exercise the options to get the biggest gains. Users can also access data on salaries, the number of shares, revenue, and equity growth trends.

By simplifying complex financial data, GrowthAdvisor helps professionals make better career decisions. Employees need a way to know not just what their stock options are worth today, but what they’re going to be worth four, six, or ten years from now—to be truly prosperous. GrowthAdvisor is a new wealth-building tool for individuals and a powerful career navigator for teams and recruiters.

“Too many professionals get too few Employee Stock Options—valued in the $6-12K/year range. It’s a big problem. Employees can and should earn closer to the $50-100K/year range. Our tool finds the special 10% of the companies that give the biggest equity grants with the best chance of growth. By making equity math simple, we hope to help every employee reach financial independence quickly, retire early and prosper,” said Bryan Starbuck, Founder, and CEO.

In recent years, equity compensation practice has exploded in popularity. There are over 800,000 of publicly traded companies of all sizes: startups, medium-sized firms, and big enterprises. For employees, this means more attractive and complex compensation packages that promise a stake in the company in exchange for lower salaries but bigger future gains. GrowthAdvisor is in the perfect position to facilitate the search for the jobs that build the most wealth. Founded in 2017 by Bryan Starbuck, a serial entrepreneur with multiple prior exits, GrowthAdvisor is the easiest and most comprehensive tool for professionals looking for Facebook jobs, Amazon jobs, Google jobs, and Microsoft jobs, or jobs in small startups that offer Employee Stock Options.

“Employees need a way to know not just what their stock options are worth today, but what they’re going to be worth two, three, or ten years from now—to be truly prosperous,” said Starbuck.

About GrowthAdvisor:

Founded in 2017, GrowthAdvisor is a wealth-building platform for smart career navigation around Employee Stock Options that allows anyone—regardless of current workplace or position—to make better career decisions. By crunching financial data from over 800,000 companies, GrowthAdvisor gives users predictive analytics and unique insights for earning their true worth. Launched in 2017, GrowthAdvisor is headquartered in Seattle. For more information, please visit

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