Stock Options Definition: All you need to know

If you own Employee Stock Options, then you must understand what they are and how they work.What are stock options, really?

Stock options are your ability as an employee to purchase shares of your company at a fixed price, at a fixed future date.


What is Growth Advisor’s Wealth Report? How to Grow More Wealth

That’s why it’s crucial that you focus on growing your wealth vs focusing on growing your income alone.

Your income is CASH. Your wealth is EQUITY. We’ve got your back with our Wealth Report.


Stock Options Explained : How It Can Skyrocket Your Wealth?

A stock option is your right to buy your company’s shares at a fixed price at a fixed future date.

You buy your company’s stock at a lower-than-market price, then sell it and pocket the difference. Here is how stock options look like in GrowthAdvisor.


Do You Know How to Make Money with Your Employee Stock Options?

ESOs are your right as an employee to buy your company’s shares at an agreed-upon price and at an agreed-upon future date.

To help you make the most with your ESOs, we’ve put together this simple guide. Let’s get to it.



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