Google Jobs: How to Get Paid Top Dollar


Think you have to be a Google executive to get paid top dollar? Think again.

Yes, Google is the behemoth of all tech companies combined. Heck, Google is probably the largest company in any business, period. So getting google jobs is hard. Especially a job as a software engineer.

But though you’ve missed the chance to join it early and to make millions with Google stock, you can still join it now and make a nice fortune.

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How do you get a job at Google?

The best Google jobs aren’t even advertised—they get filled up that fast. It’s because Google doesn’t need to advertise its jobs to find candidates. Candidates come to Google.

Here are some numbers for you to consider.

Every year Google receives over three million job applications. But only about 7,000 people get hired.

This means the competition is fierce. But it also means that if you’re well-prepared, you can stand out in the pool of competition.

Now, preparation will take time. Yet every hour you spend on it will translate into future dollars.

Here are 5 easy steps to get you started.

Step #1. Research current Google jobs

Adequate company research is a critical part of your preparation. Do you fit the culture? Will you like working there? What particular job will make you the happiest and will make you the most money? And which job will nicely accelerate your career?

Go to Google careers website and read every single page.

Then check out Google’s company page on sites like Glassdoor or PayScale.

Glass door- Google JobsDo you feel like Google’s culture would suit you? Great! Now select a number of jobs you like and start getting ready for applying.

Step #2. Study Google’s hiring process

Google has a neat page where they explain exactly how they go about hiring.

How Google hire - google jobsGoogle’s hiring process has three stages:
    1. Application
    2. Interview

    3. Decision

Make sure you read all of their tips. And take particular care to study interview questions.

Where do you find Google’s interview questions? There isn’t a list available online, but Google suggests googling (no pun intended) “most common interview questions” and studying the top 20.

For best results, print them out, turn off your phone and do the following:

      • Answer all interview questions in writing;

      • Read your answers to a friend and ask for feedback;

      • Rehearse the interview with a friend as though it were real;

      • Record your rehearsal;

      • Watch the recording and repeat the process again, to correct any mistakes and to practice;

If you do all of the above, you’ll be more prepared than the majority of candidates.

And if you’re applying for a software engineer position, it’s very important that you not only study Google’s technical interview questions but rehearse them with a friend.

Why? Because…

Your best skills are coding. Hone your people skills before your interview, and you’ll have a better chance of beating the competition.

PRO TIP: Use the STAR method when answering interview questions. What was the Situation? and, What was your Task? What Action did you take? What were the Results?

Step #3. Talk to Google employees

There are over 700 job openings for the software engineer position alone (as of this writing). The total number of open Google jobs is in the thousands.

You stand a much better chance to be noticed if someone who is already working at Google puts in a good word for you. They’ll “vet” you and vouch for you, saving the recruiting manager precious search time.


If you know someone who works at Google, ask them for a meeting and do an informational interview. Basically, ask what it’s like working at Google and mention that you’re looking for a job.

If you don’t know anyone who works at Google, use LinkedIn to find contacts. Update your resume and your profile, then write to a few Google employees asking for an informational interview. While not all of them will respond, some will. And some may even take the time to read your resume and to provide you with a reference.

If you don’t ask, you won’t get it, right? So ask. Don’t be afraid. Every single one of Google employees has been in your shoes before. They’ll relate.

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Step #4. Do a Google internship

Another way of “getting your foot in the door” is to do a Google internship.

Lots of Google jobs get filled with interns. It’s only logical. Interns have already gone through the hiring process and have experience working at Google.

And another point to consider.

If you’re curious about the culture at Google as well as other Google careers, it might be a good idea to do an internship first. Maybe you won’t like working at Google. Maybe you’ll decide to look for Amazon jobs or Microsoft jobs or Facebook jobs.

Amazon and Microsoft and Facebook are giants comparable to Google. They offer comparable careers and salaries.

So try Google first, then decide.

PRO TIP: Take a look at Google’s many programs. You might want to apply to one or a few.

Step #5. Know what it means to have Googleyness

“Wait a moment,” you might think. “What is Googleyness?”

“Googleyness” is a term Google came up with to describe the ideal Google employee.

According to the former Google’s SVP of People Operations Laszlo Bock, Googleyness means that:

      • You’re responsible;

      • You enjoy having fun;

      • You’re comfortable with ambiguity;

      • You can bring something new to the mix;

      • You have intellectual humility (you can admit your wrongs);

Do you have these qualities? Then what are you waiting for? Go search Google jobs NOW, find your dream job and apply.

Which leads us to the special BONUS STEP.

PRO TIP: Update and polish your LinkedIn profile. Google recruiters routinely research candidates on LinkedIn.

BONUS STEP. Apply, apply, and apply again

Let’s say you’ve done everything you could. You researched Google as a company and Google jobs. Picked your dream job and studied at length how to prepare for an interview. You did your best at the interview.

And you got a job offer! Congratulations!

Next, we’ll show you how to negotiate salary and equity at Google to get paid what you’re worth (and more!).

But wait…

What if nothing happened?

What if you did all of the above and still didn’t get the job offer?

Or what if you got so intimidated by the whole hiring process, you never even applied?


What if you wanted to apply, but you thought you didn’t have what it takes for Google to hire you? Not enough experience and skills. Not enough Googleyness.

What do you do then?

You apply, apply, and apply again.

Laszlo Bock suggests, “as an applicant, it’s absolutely worth it to take a shot every single time because it doesn’t cost you much.”


So get your ducks in order (resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview questions and answers) and apply as many times as it takes to get a job at Google.

And now, let’s talk about negotiating salary.

PRO TIP: Use job descriptions keywords and key brand names in your job application. Recruiters look for specific companies you worked for. So if you had any number of Microsoft jobs or Amazon jobs or Facebook jobs, make sure you mention Microsoft or Apple or Facebook in bold text.

How do you get paid what you’re worth (and more)?

Researching Google jobs and sweating over your interview questions is in the past. You got the job. You feel good!

Yet you wonder…

How did your job offer compare to others? Is your salary big enough? Did you get enough Employee Stock Options? Can you negotiate for more? And if so, how do you do it?

Enter GrowthAdvisor.

Our mission is to help employees like you to get paid what you’re worth—and then some!

Our FREE tool will show you how much you should be paid at your current Google position—or at any position, at any company.

That’s right. We have analyzed over 800,000 companies to give you the most accurate real-world data.

With this data in hand, you can negotiate salary and equity easily. In fact, you can even collaborate with other employees and negotiate together. Simply answer a few questions, print out our Negotiation Chart, and you’re done!

“But wait,” you think, “how do you do it?”

Fair question. Let us show you.

Our engineering team has developed the world’s first stock-worth predicting platform. 

What does this mean, exactly?

It means that by using our tool, you can:

      • Predict the value of your Employee Stock Options (up to 10 years into the future);

      • Predict your Employee Stock Options’ gains (up to 10 years into the future);

      • Increase your Employee Stock Options’ gains by negotiating;

      • Increase your salary by negotiating;

      • Find the best companies that give the best stock grants;

      • Know when to switch jobs (and if it’s a smart move financially);

      • Compare salaries, companies, and careers;

      • Map out your entire career (up to 10 years into the future);

      • Monitor your Employee Stock Options’ value with alerts;

      • Build your long-term wealth in your sleep;

GrowthAdvisor helps you make the right career decisions—and to make them fast.

Forget about uncertainties and worries of researching Google jobs or Amazon jobs, or any jobs, for that matter. You no longer have to.

GrowthAdvisor will do the work for you.

Our tool will show you if it’s a smart career move to interview at Google. It might be that we find a better company for you—with a higher salary and a bigger stock options grant. It could be a small startup. Or it could be a giant like Microsoft or Apple.

The process is simple—just three steps:

    1. Enter any company’s name;

    2. Watch GrowthAdvisor show you the data;

    3. Make a decision;

We help you make the right decision every time. And we help you sleep well.

Because you’ll know that your decisions are informed by real-world data.

But wait, there is more good stuff! Your Employee Stock Options are a secret way to build long-term wealth.

Let’s take a look at how to do it.

How do you use your Employee Stock Options to build wealth?

You’re probably more concerned about your salary than about your stock options (if you get any—and you most likely will at Google). You probably think stock options are a nice perk but they won’t make you millions now that Google’s explosive growth has slowed.

But Employee Stock Options can and will make you a nice fortune if you plan for it the right way— and if you manage them correctly.

Your stock options represent real money. And you can plan to grow this money.

Yes, stock options are often worthless. But quite often they’re not.

It’s a BIG reason why we built GrowthAdvisor.

There simply isn’t any other tool available on the market to help you manage your stock options in such a way that you can add them to your investment portfolio.

With GrowthAdvisor, you can.

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Final Thoughts

Google jobs are some of the best jobs in the market. Google is a great company to work for. Plus, you get great compensation and lots of perks.

But if you don’t get hired by Google, don’t despair.

GrowthAdvisor can help you compare potential job offers, complete with salaries, stock grants, and even potential exit scenarios so you can save time applying to companies that won’t generate you much money down the road.

We think you’ll love our tool!

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