Google Careers: Everything You Need to Know to Get Hired At Google


Searching for Google careers? Then search no further. 

Google is the place to work for, period

No other company can match its reach (over 90% market share), its work-life balance, or its culture.

Plus, Google careers are an amazing chance to build long-term wealth. Think salary, plus RSUs, plus the return on investment from your stock options’ gains.

In this post, you’ll learn:

    1. Where Google offices are located
    2. Which Google careers are the best
    3. How Google hires
    4. How Google cares

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Where are Google offices located?

Google has offices all over the world. That’s over 70 offices in 50 countries. Wow. Talk about chances are, no matter where you live, you can snag one of Google jobs.

Right. Easier said than done. Out of over three million job applications, only about 7,000 people get one of the coveted Google jobs. That’s an insane competition.

But don’t let it stop you.

Check out these 5 simple steps to get you started.

Step #1. Research Google careers

It sounds simple, but it’s important.

Know what you want. 

Which one of the many Google careers would make you happiest? Which one will make you the most money? And which Google jobs will build you the most wealth? What are the highest paying Google jobs and entry-level jobs? (We’ll talk about incredible wealth-building opportunities at Google later)

Step #2. Learn how Google hires

We’ll talk in more detail about how Google hires later. For now, here are some highlights.

Google hires in three steps:

  1. Application
  2. Interview
  3. Decision

That’s pretty typical, so all you need to do is to study for each step. 

Study on how to apply. Study on how to prepare for an interview. And study how to negotiate salary (that’s part of the decision step).

Step #3. Ask Google employees for help

Know someone who works at Google? Great!

Ask them what it takes to get hired. Be specific. Ask about the jobs you want—be it a software engineer or a project manager or a marketing manager. And ask about interview questions, so you can prepare.

Don’t know anyone who works at Google? Not to worry. 

Go to your LinkedIn profile and search for your connections. If there really isn’t anyone at all, connect to someone on LinkedIn and then ask for help. 

When looking for a job at a giant like Google, connections are everything. In other words, you get to know people, and people will help you.

Step #4. Get a Google internship

Think of an internship as the first step to getting hired. 

It’s cheaper for Google to hire someone they’ve already invested in.

Better yet, volunteer. Go to your local Google events and volunteer your help. Meet people. Talk to them. Chances are, you’ll meet a recruiter and learn how to land an internship. Or even a job. You may even get a chance to know how to craft a winning resume for applying for Google jobs.

Step #5. Have Googleyness

Googleyness is a quality Google is looking for in every employee.

You must be:

      • Responsible
      • Fun
      • Comfortable with uncertainty
      • Innovative
      • Humble

If you have these qualities, then you’re lucky. Google careers are a great choice for you.

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Which Google careers are the best?

In Google’s words, “Google is and always will be an engineering company that thinks big and takes risks.”google-careers-engineering-technologyNote the words “engineering company.”

Google is a company of engineers. A software engineer position is the foundation of all Google careers. The company was started by engineers, and it’s prospering thanks to engineers.

Which means that…

The best Google careers are those in Engineering & Technology.

There are over 800 software engineer job openings right now at to Google, software engineers “are changing the world one technological achievement after another.” And in particular, Google software engineers “revolutionize search.”

You could be one of them.

But before you apply, we recommend you get transparency on how much Google pays its employees.

Sure, you can Google (no pun intended) sites like Glassdoor or Paysa to see the typical Google salaries. But we can offer something better.

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No longer do you have to doubt your career decisions!

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Go ahead. Give it a try. Search for Google careers.

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Now, let’s talk about Google’s hiring process.

How does Google hire?

As mentioned above, Google hires in three steps:

    1. Application
    2. Interview
    3. Decision

Google careers- How we hireIt comes down to this.

The more research you do, the better your chances of getting hired by Google.

In Google’s words, they’re looking for “people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our teams. If you’re looking for a place that values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn, if you’re seeking colleagues who are big thinkers eager to take on fresh challenges as a team, then you’re a future Googler.”

Are you a future Googler?

That’s when your talks with Google employees will come handy. Ask them what it takes to be seen as a Googler.

Think about the Google hiring process as a business transaction (and it is).

You’re the product. Google is the buyer.

Sell yourself to Google as a future Googler who has the perfect amount of Googleyness, and you got the job.

How does Google care?

Google cares. Really.

Google’s perks and benefits are some of the best in the industry, if not the best. Consider these:

      • Family: parental leave, retirement savings, death benefits;
      • Work-life balance: free healthcare services, flexible vacations, flexible work hours;
      • Philanthropy: donation matching, volunteering, giving to the community;
      • Education: free classes;

Did we mention free food? You can practically live in your Google office if you want to. Everything you need is right there, on-site.

Well then…

The choice is obvious! And you already made it, by searching for Google careers

Don’t forget to calculate exactly how much you can ask for when you get your Google job offer. Just enter your information into GrowthAdvisor, and you’re done!

We wish you all the luck in the world.

Final Thoughts

If you want to work in the best place in the world, then search Google careers for the perfect match. Once you find it—before you do anything else—get transparency on your future pay.

Search GrowthAdvisor for every Google job that you like and compare compensations. 

Even better, compare Google to other companies and see how they fare in terms of salaries, stock grants, and potential exits. Then pick the best company and apply! Who knows, maybe it won’t even be Google…

Get started. It’s free

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