AngelList: 5 Simple Steps to Get the Best Startup Job


Looking for a startup job on AngelList? You’ve come to the right place. 

AngelList is a platform that connects startups with investors and talent. Think of it as your tool to find the best jobs at the best startups with the best salaries and employee stock options. You can search over 5 million companies for over 142,000 jobs. 

Wow. Join the world's largest startup community-AngelListBut searching is only the first step. How do you get that job?

Here are 5 easy steps you can use to get your dream startup job (and to build your long-term wealth):

    1. Research the best startup companies
    2. Research the best startup jobs
    3. Track the best startup jobs
    4. Pick your dream startup job
    5. Get your dream startup job
    6. BONUS: Invest in the best startup companies
Want to know how many Employee Stock Options you can get at any startup? Compare startup equity offers and calculate your total compensation with our FREE tool.

Step #1. Research the best startup companies

AngelList offers to match your profile with over 37,000 startups and tech companies. angellist-tech-startup-jobsBut how do you know which one of these companies is truly the best? Which will offer you the highest salary? The best employee stock options grant? Or the best career opportunity?

You can begin by comparing the compensation with AngelList’s salary tool. It’s a great one, too, except…seattle software engineer startup salary and equityLet’s say, it looks like you’ll get a great salary and a great equity offer. Sounds fantastic, right? Not so fast.

You know how risky startups are. What looks good now may not look so good in the future. So how do you predict what will happen in the future? And can you?

With GrowthAdvisor, you can.

You can compare companies with our FREE tool. And you can predict any company’s valuation up to 10 years into the future. This means that you can predict the value of your Employee Stock Options up to 10 years into the future.

Here, try it for yourself.likelihood gains when combined and when acquiredBut wait, there’s more great stuff.

We can also predict any company’s exit scenario. So you’ll know if the startup you want to work for is likely to IPO (go public), get acquired, stay forever profitable, or shut down.likelihood gains when combined and when acquiredYikes! 

Don’t you wish you’d know a startup has a high chance of shutting down before you even applied for a job there? We think so too. That’s why we created GrowthAdvisor. We’ll tell you more about how we gather our data later. 

Right now, let’s get back to AngelList.

Step #2. Research the best startup jobs

AngelList has a simple three-step process for you to research the best startup jobs:

  1. Sign up for AngelList (it’s free);
  2. Search jobs by location, role, market, technology or salary;
  3. Click Yes on startups you like, and they’ll be in touch if they click Yes too;

It’s kind of like dating (and in many ways it is). Only…

When you use AngelList to browse for companies (and to click Yes), you’re using limited data. This data doesn’t include potential future scenarios.

Compare AngelList with GrowthAdvisor

You’re better off using both AngelList and GrowthAdvisor to make the smartest career decision you possibly can. 

After all, choosing the wrong job at the wrong company can cost you years of life. And you’ll never get those years back. Ouch.

For example, say you’re looking for a software engineer position. Airbnb full reportGrowthAdvisor can show you how your salary and equity will change based on your career progression. So you begin as a software engineer, then you get promoted to a senior software engineer, then to the software development manager, and finally to the Chief Technology Officer—CTO.

If you use AngelList alone, you can only hope you’ll get promoted. 

If you use AngelList and GrowthAdvisor, you can plan for promotions. And not only that. You can negotiate for promotions. Our data will give you the power to get paid what you deserve. You’ll know the financial performance of any company, at any point during the next 10 years.

We’ll show you how we do it shortly.

Until then, let’s talk about tracking your dream job.

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Step #3. Track the best startup jobs

AngelList offers tracking only for startups—to track the best candidates.

Track the best startup jobs -AngelList jobs

And GrowthAdvisor can help you map out your entire career.

career plan-GrowthAdvisor

You choose. Either track the best jobs yourself by logging into AngelList daily (or however often you want), or let GrowthAdvisor do the job for you                                                       

Get started. It’s free

Step #4. Pick the best startup job

After you’ve narrowed down the list of your favorite jobs, it’s time to pick one and to apply for it. And maybe also apply for a few other runner-ups, just in case.

As mentioned above, AngelList makes this process pretty easy. You click Yes on the job you like. If the startup likes you, they click Yes on your profile. You get an automated email notifying you of their interest. Done.

But if you factor in GrowthAdvisor’s predictions about that startup, you’ll be better off down the road. You can have the whole story of your career written out for you, complete with numbers.growthadvisor career plan

Not to mention, you’ll sleep easy knowing you have minimized your risk and maximized your rewards.

Step #5. Get the best startup job

You picked your dream job. There it is. Software Engineer at an Awesome Startup (just as an example). Now what? How do you get it?

We have three great articles full of tips for you (though these companies are not startups any more):

      1. Amazon Jobs: The 10 Easy Steps on How to Get Hired
      2. Google Jobs: How to Get Paid Top Dollar
      3. Apple Jobs: How to Get a Job at Apple—8 Quick & Easy Steps

It all boils down to this:

      • Know what you want;
      • Take time to prepare;
      • Negotiate the compensation you deserve;

And now, one more bonus step.

BONUS Step: Invest in the best startup companies

AngleList is a tool not only for job seekers. You can use AngelList to invest in startups. Investing in the right startups can help you build long-term wealth and retire early.

investing on AngelListWith GrowthAdvisor, you can do even more.

Our FREE tool will show you the future valuation of any startup. So you’ll know in which startup to invest with the minimum risk and the maximum reward.


How exactly do we do it? That’s a great question. Our algorithms have analyzed over 800,000 companies to give you the most accurate real-world financial data. Actually, we’re proud of the fact that…

We’re the world’s first stock-worth predicting platform. 

We want to help employees like you to get paid what you’re worth and then some. 

We make any company’s financial performance transparent. 

And we help you make smart career decisions to build your long-term wealth.

Here are 8 things that only GrowthAdvisor can do:

    1. Predict your Employee Stock Options’ worth for the next 10 years;
    2. Predict your Employee Stock Options’ gains for the next 10 years;
    3. Help you negotiate the number of your Employee Stock Options;
    4. Can help you negotiate a bigger salary;
    5. Help you find the best companies with the best compensation;
    6. Advise you on when to look for a new job;
    7. Compare companies;
    8. Map your whole career;

So give us a try. Did we mention it’s free?


Get started. It’s free

Final Thoughts

AngelList alone will help you find your dream startup job.

AngelList and GrowthAdvisor combined will help you now only find your dream job but also know how much money you’ll make you in 10 years. Plus, GrowthAdvisor will give you data to help you negotiate a higher salary and more equity.

Make sure to use both tools, and you’ll make the most money.

Get started. It’s free

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