How to Retire Early with the Best Robo Advisors (And Make the Most Money)


Want to retire early with the help of the best Robo advisor around that will help you earn a nice amount of cash tucked away in a safe place? You’re not alone.

A good approach is to pick the smartest Robo advisor or the best retirement calculator that’ll make you the most money.

If you’re already using a service like Betterment or Wealthfront, you’re ahead of many. But you’re still missing one critical tool: prediction.

Yes, a Robo advisor will help you grow your investments. And yes, your money will grow while you sleep. But, if you have Employee Stock Options (ESOs) and have no idea how to maximize your gains, you’ll miss out big time.

It comes down to this. The more eggs you’ll have in different baskets, the more money you’ll make. If you’re missing a basket, you’ll make less.

It means that if you don’t want to miss out on extra income, you need to learn about new tools—tools that can help you grow your wealth.

Don’t worry, though. No need to understand finances. Simply use GrowthAdvisor to do the work for you. We can help you double your earnings, if not triple.

Here is how.

What exactly is GrowthAdvisor – The Robo Advisor?

GrowthAdvisor is your friendly automated CFO, retirement planner or financial advisor that predicts the future value of your Employee Stock Options (ESOs).

Note the word “predicts.” That’s what you’ve been missing. Not anymore.

You’re probably wondering how this applies to your wealth-building. It’s simple. We’re a complementary addition to the Robo advisor you’re already using. No other tool (that we know of) asks you about your ESOs or helps you estimate their worth.

We’re employees ourselves. We’ve been on your side of the fence. And we’ve been confused too. So we built GrowthAdvisor for you to help you gain more from your ESOs.

know the chances of company being IPO, Acquisition or combined by using best robo advisor

How exactly does that work?

Here is our step-by-step process.

Step 1. Company Performance Analysis

The process is simple. You enter the company’s name (it can be any company, yours or some other). Our algorithms will do their magic and presto! Within seconds we’ll analyze your company’s performance.

You get to see it in a pretty chart.

Betterup wealth guide-growthadvisor-robo-advisor

Step 2. Pattern Matching

Next, we match the performance pattern of your company to the performance patterns of over 800,000 other companies. That’s almost a million. And we add new companies every day.

You can see your future ESOs gain estimations as they compare to other companies.

total gain overtime-robo advisor

Step 3. Calculation Engine

Next, we apply a sophisticated calculation strategy that we call the Calculation Engine. It crunches the numbers, so you don’t have to.

You can drill down into future estimates.

gain for each company

Step 4. Value Estimation

Finally, we estimate the value of your ESOs in the next ten years, according to four exit scenarios.

You can see the 10-year outlook for your ESOs value. That’s pretty incredible, isn’t it?

10 year outlook for BetterUp- Robo advisor

Step 5. Drill into Details

Now you can browse and explore different money-growing alternatives. We give you a complete Financial Company Overview, Assessments, and Facts.

betterup_likelyhood of Exit Type

You can compare careers.

wealth guide compare careers

You can flip through companies like through baseball cards. Remember those?

buddy details

And you can compare different exit scenarios for several companies at once.

Exit paths comparison

Why use GrowthAdvisor?

So, you think you got it all figured out. You’re already using a Robo advisor or two. Why add another?

Because we give you what no other financial management tools can.

We predict the Future.

Think about winning a lottery. If you could time-travel to the future to find out the winning ticket’s number, would you?

Of course you would. It’d allow you to retire early.

That’s what you get with GrowthAdvisor.

Our predictions are driven by science and data. And they can have a huge impact on your financial future.

We can hear you thinking, “That’s a big claim to make.” Here is how we do it.

We use a prediction strategy that’s much more sophisticated than any other standard investment planning. No financial Robo advisor asks you about your ESOs. And no other tool can calculate their value in the pre-IPO companies where there is no market history available.

This is our secret sauce. Our magic. Our gift to you.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to early retirement, many people have no idea their ESOs are as important as their income and investments. They never check the accuracy of their ESOs value, and they don’t know the ways to make money from it and how to increase it.

They focus on making money, saving money, and advancing their careers. What they should add to this list is using smart financial management tools to help them make smarter decisions, and will lead them to early retirement.

But hey, now you’re not one of those people anymore! You’re here, you’re reading this post, and you know what you’ve been missing.

GrowthAdvisor can help you retire early.

Ready to give us a try? Get started here.

Questions? Email our team at


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