5 Best Career Options (That Will help you to Make the Most Money)


Are you looking to find out which are the best career options at present for you? Look no further, we at GrowthAdvisor will help you to find out the best jobs that you are looking for.

In this post, we’ve compared the 5 best career options that can make you up to $100,000 in salary and up to $200K in Employee Stock Options (in 10 years). 

A career is a long-term game. Consider this:

  • A job is a way to make money now.
  • A career is a series of jobs to make money now and much money later.

To achieve the goal of getting the highest paid jobs or need a smart strategy, the discipline to follow it, and lots of patience.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll need a special degree or be skilled in one area—like a lawyer, a surgeon or a pilot. There are many careers that can make you money while you sleep—through the ownership of the company’s equity. 

What does this mean and why is it important? 

Because if you’re only after a job, you don’t think long-term and might switch jobs within a year. 

But if you’re after a career, you’ll stay at one job for at least 4-5 years to take advantage of the company’s equity ownership through Employee Stock Options.Search careers in GrowthAdvisor

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5 Best Career Options :

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Sales Manager
  3. Project Manager
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Software Engineer

Think of your overall compensation as a building. Your company is the foundation. Whereas your salary is on the 1st floor. Your bonus is on the 2nd floor. And your Employee Stock Options are the top floors. The stronger the foundation, the more floors it can support. The stronger the company, the more money you can make from your options. Use GrowthAdvisor to see how much.

1. Operations Manager

We have put Operations Manager as the first on the list of best career options because we feel that it is probably the easiest of rest in the list. But it’s also the one that requires the candidate to be most disciplined. 

Operations Management has different dimensions to it as can be found here.

It speaks for itself. If you can help the company run its operations smoothly, the company will reward you.

A company is a complicated machine. Can you run this machine and oversee every one of its parts? Can you spot problems before they arise and fix them?

You don’t need a college degree to do this. But you do need an impeccable work ethic, an iron discipline, and people skills. Because you’ll have to talk to a lot of people and to keep them all happy, no matter what happens.

Sounds like you? 

Here are three steps to get started.

Step #1. Responsibilities

Check the typical Operations Manager’s responsibilities to see if you can do it. Or if you can learn how to do it. Google “Operations manager responsibilities” and read descriptions.

We’ve summarized the typical responsibilities for you:


  • Lead and supervise teams;
  • Praise, reward, and train employees;
  • Mentor new employees for career growth;
  • Monitor business performance, product quality, and customer experience;
  • Meet and exceed the company’s operational goals;
  • Plan winning strategies and forecast potential problems;
  • Create and communicate best business practices across all departments;
  • Champion improvement and weather challenges in a fast-paced work environment;

Step #2. Salary

Google the Operations Manager salary range. Type in, “Operations manager salary.”Operation manager careers at glassdoor, salary.com and PayScale

Salary range: $46K — $140K

Step #3. Companies

Check the companies that are looking for Operations Managers on sites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor. Then make a list of those companies.Operations Program manager careers at Amazon

Step #4. Stock Options

Enter companies into GrowthAdvisor and see how much you can make at each in stock options.Big company wealth guide

Stock options’ earnings: $16K — $188K

Now you’re ready to make a decision. 

Use these tips to decide if the Operations Manager career is for you:

  • Take time to think. A career is a long-term commitment. Are you sure this is the one?
  • Make your own decision. Listen to people’s advice, but only if it’s helpful. It’s your life that will take a chunk out of it. All these working years. So you’re the one who has to make the final decision.
  • Imagine success. What would the perfect ending to your career look like? Is this what you want from your life? Then go for it.
  • Ask for help. If you’re struggling with the final decision, ask for help someone whom you trust. It has to be a person who always uplifts you. Someone who always makes you happy.
  • Allow yourself to fail. Mistakes are the best teachers. Unfortunately, the thrill of making mistakes has been schooled out of most of us. The school punished you for making mistakes by giving you bad grades. Real-life will reward you for making mistakes by teaching you. So remember. If all goes bad, you didn’t fail. You learned something to get you closer to success.

2. Sales Manager

Sales Manager is in no.2 in our best career options list because it is one of those best jobs where your words alone can generate money. If for Operations you need some knowledge of business, for Sales you can get away with having only your enthusiasm and drive.

If you’re not afraid of rejection and love talking to people, then sales might be just your ticket. 

Every company needs salespeople. Because every company needs to make sales. That makes a Sales Manager position bulletproof. You’ll always be able to find work.

You could be a high-school dropout. All that matters is, can you sell? If you can, you’re golden. If you can’t or have never done it before, can you learn? Do you have enough discipline? Enough drive to succeed even when you don’t feel like selling?

If your answer is yes, go for Sales.

Here are three steps to get started.

Step #1. Responsibilities

Research the typical Sales Manager’s responsibilities to see if you can do it or learn how to do it. Google “Sales manager responsibilities” and read job postings.

We’ve summarized the most common responsibilities for you:


  • Lead sales efforts;
  • Develop service contracts and negotiation tactics;
  • Gather, analyze, track, and report sales data;
  • Communicate verbally and in writing with customers on a daily basis;
  • Maintain working relationships between management and operations;
  • Develop new business;
  • Set and own sales goals;
  • Understand and utilize online sales tools like Saleforce.com;
  • Stay up-to-date on the company’s industry and competitive products;

Step #2. Salary

Google Sales Manager’s salaries. Type in, “Sales manager salary.”sales manager salary ranges on glassdoor and payscale

Salary range: $51K — $150K

Step #3. Companies

Research the companies that are hiring Sales Managers on sites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn. Then make a list of those companies. Sales Manager - graduate seattle

Step #4. Stock Options

Enter companies into GrowthAdvisor and see how much you can make at each in stock options.Medium company wealth guide

Stock options’ earnings: $29K — $330K

You can now make your decision. 

Use the tips from the Operations Manager section to decide if this career is for you.

3. Project Manager

Project Management is at no.3 in our choice of best career options because it is not one of the simplest careers. Not as simple as Operations and Sales can be. (Not that they are simple, but they don’t require a complex skillset.)

Project Management comes very close to business ownership. Can you wear different hats? Or, Can you switch from one thinking mode to another quickly? Can you plan and execute it? And, Can you control?

In short, can you set your own goals and hit them within constraints?

If multitasking inspires you, then this might be your career of choice.

Here are three steps to get started.

Step #1. Responsibilities

Look up the most common Project Manager’s responsibilities. Can you do it? Can you learn how to do it? Now type into Google “Project manager responsibilities” and read the posts that come up.

We’ve summarized the usual responsibilities for you:


  • Lead and delivering large-scale projects on time and on budget;
  • Document project scope and communicate progress with the team;
  • Gather, track, and analyze project milestone commitments and delivery;
  • Create, own and drive project deadlines; 
  • Manage, coach and develop team members;
  • Communicate with multiple teams: schedules, budgets, project scope, and updates;
  • Escalate problems to minimize risk;
  • Use metrics to measure performance;
  • Make informed decisions in a deadline-driven working environment; 
  • Inform teams and stakeholders on project deliverables, risks, and impacts;

Step #2. Salary

Search for Project Manager’s salaries. Type in Google, “Project manager salary.”Project manager salary range on glassdoor, payscale and salary.com

Salary range: $47K — $180K

Step #3. Companies

Find out which companies are on the lookout for Project Managers. Use sites like LinkedIn. Write down the list of all of those companies.Project manager salaries - careers

Step #4. Stock Options

Enter companies into GrowthAdvisor and see how much you can make at each in stock options.career alternatives-company financial view

Stock options’ earnings: $16K — $220K

This will help you to make a smart decision. 

Read the tips in the Operations Manager section to see if this career is for you.

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4. Marketing Manager

Here is our no.4 in the list of best career options. Marketing careers are a great starting point if you’re young and love social media. Your vast experience of communicating online is already a huge plus.

But marketing is also very fast-paced and unforgiving. Imagine tweeting a wrong tweet that causes your company to lose its reputation. The prospect of that is very scary. Not only can you get fired—your entire career can go bust.

On the other hand, one successful tweet that gets retweeted hundreds of times can boost your company’s reputation and your career in one day.

That’s powerful.

Of course, social media is only a small part of marketing. There are also promotion, advertising, branding and more.

If you love talking to people online, telling stories, and imagining ways to get your stories to spread, then this is a career for you.

Here are three steps to get started.

Step #1. Responsibilities

What are the typical Marketing Manager’s responsibilities?

Here is a short summary:


  • Lead marketing teams;
  • Develop marketing, branding, and promotional strategies;
  • Track and analyze industry and market trends;
  • Create and own the delivery of marketing materials, online and print advertisements, social media posts, and press releases;
  • Design online and print advertisements and publications;
  • Monitor the consistency of the brand messages;
  • Be the front face of the company for the customers to strengthen the brand image;
  • Talk to customers on social media daily;
  • Be responsible for all media messaging, positioning and communications;
  • Own and drive Customer Relationship Management CRM and direct marketing efforts;
  • Work with Sales and Operations to develop new marketing strategies; 

Step #2. Salary

Look up the range for the Marketing Manager’s salaries. Google “Marketing manager salary.”Marketing manager salaries as per Glassdoor and PayScale

Salary range: $44K — $100K

Step #3. Companies

Search for companies that are currently hiring Marketing Managers. Sites like LinkedIn are the best places to do this. Then make a list of your favorite companies. marketing manager jobs on amazon

Step #4. Stock Options

Enter companies into GrowthAdvisor and see how much you can make at each company in stock options.career alternatives-company financial view

Stock options’ earnings: $16K — $205K

You can go dive even deeper and compare many companies at a glance.growthadvisor-careers-comparison

How much easier is it to decide now? We thought so.

Remember to check the tips in the Operations Manager section to decide for or against this career.

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5. Software Engineer

Engineering is one of the hardest yet highest-earning careers. You’ve got to know what you’re doing. So you either have to have a degree in engineering or the equivalent experience.

Love computers? Technology? or, Do you love coding?

Love tinkering with software to make it perfect? Are not to so keen to interact with people and would rather tinker some more?

Then software engineering can be very rewarding for you. You’re mostly your own boss. And you’re mostly in your own head. (Though you do have to communicate with your team daily!)

Here are three steps to get started.

Step #1. Responsibilities

What are the typical Software Engineer Project Manager’s responsibilities?

Here is a quick summary:


  • Design systems and software applications;
  • Support delivery eco-systems through integration and automation;
  • Code, debug, and test software throughout the application development process;
  • Create, manage and integrate software development tools and services;
  • Validate and deploy new products and features;
  • Detect and solve problems quickly;
  • Monitor the performance and reliability of software services;
  • Deliver on time in a fast-paced Agile work environment;
  • Think outside the box to solve challenging issues;
  • Create next-generation solutions and technologies;
  • Collaborate with other teams to help customers in reaching their goals;

Step #2. Salary

Find out the range for the Software Engineer’s salaries. Google “Software engineer salary.”Software Engineer’s salaries as per Glassdoor and PayScale

Salary range: $63K — $130K

Step #3. Companies

Search for companies that are looking for Software Engineers. Use sites like LinkedIn and make a list of your favorite companies. software development engineer salary at Amazon

Step #4. Stock Options

Enter companies into GrowthAdvisor and see how much you can make at each company in stock options.Apple wealth guide

Stock options’ earnings: $0K — $2.6MM 

We’ve used Apple as an example here to show you how much you can potentially make with stock options in a tech giant like Apple if you joined it when it was a startup.

Now that you know how to navigate GrowthAdvisor, you can go one step further and compare careers in Software Engineering.wealth guide - compare careers

How to find the highest-earning careers

The careers we’ve outlined are the best at earning you the most money. 

If you have the required education and experience to pursue one of those careers, you need to find the jobs that pay the best salary and give you the biggest number of stock options. 

Here are three simple steps to do that:

Step #1. Research companies

Enter any company’s name into GrowthAdvisor, go to My Career, and add any compensation information you know. GrowthAdvisor will show you your stock options’ earnings in 10 years.apple-careers-earnings-career-alternatives


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Step #2. Research competition

Compare careers at big companies like Amazon or Google or Facebook or Netflix.see which company will earn you most in ESOs

Then compare careers at smaller companies or local startups. For all you know, that startup could be the next Google that could make you millions in stock options.

See how much any of these careers will make you in stock options.10 years outlook for Apple

So you see…

 Get started. It’s free

GrowthAdvisor is a great tool to tell you how much you’ll make in any of your chosen careers


Step #3. Research Wealth Guide

Wealth Guide will compare your chosen careers by company type:

  • A pre-funded startup
  • A medium company
  • A big companyApple wealth guide

Again, you’ll see how much you’ll make in the next 10 years.

GrowthAdvisor can also help you:

  • Look for a job;
  • Negotiate a higher salary;
  • Increase your stock options’ gains;
  • Get real-market data on compensation;
  • Know when to exercise your stock options;
  • Know when to switch jobs (and if it’s a smart move);

GrowthAfvisor has analyzed 800,000+ companies to tell you what the future holds.

We’re the world’s only tool that can predict your stock options’ worth.

Final Thoughts

All of these tactics can help you pick the best career.

But don’t think it’ll be fast. 

It’ll take you time to do your research and to decide which way to go. Remember the difference between a job and a career. Jobs are short-term. Careers are long-term.

Serious about making the most money from your career? Use GrowthAdvisor to help you.


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