Apple Careers: 5 Apple Jobs That Pay the Most Money


Searching for Apple careers to find the highest paying jobs? Search no more. We will help you to find out the top five jobs that pay the most.

In this post, we’ve compared the five top-paying Apple jobs. Instead of simply comparing them head-to-head, we did something different. Here is why.

If you’re serious about building a career vs. simply getting a job, you’ll want to know a proven process for finding jobs with the most earning potential: salary plus Employee Stock Options

Tools like Glassdoor or Comparably can help you calculate your potential salary.

Compare salary- Apple careers

And GrowthAdvisor is the only tool that can help you calculate your stock options’ earnings for the next 10 years.

Apple career alternatives

Combine the two (plus bonus), and you got your total compensation. 

The salary that you get is your base. Your bonus (if you get any) is your addition to the base. And your Employee Stock Options is your potential to cash out with some serious money down the road.


To learn how to find the most paying apple jobs (with total highest compensation), click to go straight to that section.

Here just for the jobs? Keep reading or choose a Department.

  1. Engineering: Software Engineer
  2. Operations: Operations Manager
  3. Design: Industrial Designer
  4. Product: Product Manager
  5. Marketing: Marketing Manager

IMPORTANT NOTE: To give you the fastest Apple careers overview, we have generalized the job positions to their essential responsibilities and salary ranges. And we’ve added GrowthAdvisor’s 10-year projections on stock options value.

Apple Careers (Top 5 Apple jobs) 

1. Engineering: Software Engineer

Engineering is one of the highest-earning Apple careers. If not the highest. After all, all Apple products rely on innovative software development.

In Apple’s words, you get to join the team “of consummate tech geeks who love figuring out how things work and trying to make them better. Sometimes it’s a little tweak; sometimes it’s a fundamental shift – usually, it’s somewhere in between. We brainstorm on whiteboards, share ideas at team lunches and pot-lucks, build prototypes, present proposals to teams, embed for a while to help them get started, check the metrics, and repeat!”

Responsibilities: Design and develop software applications. Code, debug, test, and troubleshoot during the application development process. Work on technical projects or business issues that need advanced technical knowledge.

Salary range: $75K – $264K

GrowthAdvisor’s stock options’ earnings estimate: $0 – $2.8MM

PRO TIP: Employee Stock Options are a huge potential cash bonus if you focus on building a career vs. simply getting a job. It’s a way to get rich slowly but surely. Use our FREE stock-options-worth predicting tool to see how much you can earn at Apple.

2. Operations: Operations Manager

Operations is another one of Apple’s careers that has huge earning opportunities. If software engineering is not your game, then operations might be just the answer.

Responsibilities: Make sure that Apple, as a company, runs as one cohesive team. Create processes and procedures to help employees reach peak company productivity. Develop new employee onboarding processes and company guidelines for best practices. Update and monitoring budgets to meet Apple’s goals.

Salary range: $35K – $294K

Stock options earnings in 10 years: $0 – $2.8MM

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3. Design: Industrial Designer

Design at Apple goes hand-in-hand with Engineering. In fact, if you’re considering one of the Apple careers and love design more than coding, then Design is the Department for you. Think about contributing to the next iPhone look!

Responsibilities: Have unparalleled attention to detail. Be obsessed with how things are made. Test how things work until they work perfectly. Do modeling and material characterization for cutting-edge products. Analyze and inform aesthetic and mechanical design. Help Apple expand its product portfolio.

Salary range: $73K – $240K

Stock options earnings in 10 years: $0 – $2.8MM

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4. Product: Product Manager

A comparable position to the Operations Manager in that you don’t need a specific skillset like you need to be a software engineer or an industrial designer. 

Responsibilities: Evaluate competitive landscape and spot opportunities for innovation. Create and manage Apple product roadmaps. Set milestones for your team and champion collaboration. Own and deliver on the set milestones. Communicate product initiatives and strategy to other Apple departments. Develop growth tactics and stay on top of the industry’s news and evolution.

Salary range: $88K – $210K

Stock options earnings in 10 years: $0 – $2.8MM

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5. Marketing: Marketing Manager

Apple’s marketing is different from any other company’s marketing. You’ll have to embrace the secrecy that comes with the launch of every new product. But that’s why Apple’s product launches are so successful. 

Responsibilities: Lead product launches across various channels: web, mobile, print, and social media. Create and deliver launch briefs and presentations to communicate the overarching business strategies and customer needs. Manage multiple projects, solve problems, develop, and own deadlines. Obsess over Apple’s brand with the passion of a designer. Keep up with the industry trends.

Salary range: $95K – $291K

Stock options earnings in 10 years: $0 – $2.8MM

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How to find the highest-earning jobs

Yes, Apple careers look very tempting. But for every high-paying Apple job, many Apple jobs pay very low. 

Think Apple retail store. 

The kids who work there are called Mac Specialists and begin at $14 an hour. That’s only $28K per year. They get paid a salary alone. No bonus. No stock options.

So…what about you?

Do you have the required education and experience to pursue one of the Apple careers? If so, then you need to find the Apple jobs that pay a high salary and a high number of stock options. 

The value of Apple’s stock you’ll be offered will vary according to your position and your negotiation skills. From $10K to $100K and even more. $100K is some serious money not to sneeze at. It’d be a shame if you let it slide by.

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Here are three ways to find the highest-earning jobs:

Method #1. Do company research

Enter the company’s name (Apple, for example) into GrowthAdvisor’s Search, then go to My Career, add Apple as your company and any compensation information you know:

  • Your job title
  • Salary
  • Stock options grant (if any)
  • And so on…

Based on the information you enter, GrowthAdvisor will show you your stock options’ earnings from now up to 10 years into the future.

Apple careers alternatives

Don’t know what numbers to enter? Don’t worry.

Simply go to the Wealth Guide and play with the numbers you can google for, like any number for a salary and equity, for any position. See how your stock options’ earning change?

Apple wealth guide

If this is still too complex for you, read about our 10 simple strategies to increase your Employee Stock Options gains.

Method #2. Learn from competing companies

Apple careers aren’t the only ones with the potential to make you a lot of money. Take other tech giants, like Amazon or Google or Facebook. You could well with Amazon careers, or Google careers or Facebook careers. After all, they’re looking for about the same skillset for their highest-paying positions: software engineer and project manager.

Or, there could be an unknown local startup that could make you more in stock options than all of these companies put together. It could be the next Amazon—before anyone knew it was the next Amazon. Imagine the value of your Employee Stock Options after this startup goes IPO.

Let’s review the second method.

Compare any company side-by-side with Apple. We use Netflix for this example.

see which company will earn you the most in Employee stock options

Check how much you can make in stock options today. Then check how much you can make in stock options 4-5 years down the road. That’s when your options typically vest. 

Be sure to look at both companies in detail. You’ll be spending years of your life working for one or the other. That’s an investment of time. You want a good return on your investment. 

But how do you know which company will have the highest value in the future?

The simple solution is to use GrowthAdvisor to set up company valuation alerts. You can also check projections manually.


10 year outlook for Apple

This is a great way to calculate your entire compensation:

  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Stock

Now you’re no longer in the dark. You know how much you’ll make at Apple. You’ll know when you’ll make it. And you’ll know how Apple compares to other companies.

You’re ready to make a smart career choice.

   Get started. It’s free

Method #3. Use Wealth Guide

Wealth Guide will project your alternative careers based on which direction you decide to go. Your choices are:

  • Your current company
  • A pre-funded startup
  • A medium company
  • A big company

Apple weatlh guide

Click on these choices to see how much money they’ll make you. Fill in as much information as you know. Or make your best guess.

GrowthAdvisor tells us about which company is going to the Pre-funded startup

Comparing them side-by-side to make your final decision.

If you have no data at all, GrowthAdvisor will show you market averages.

Medium company wealth guide

An average for a medium-sized company.

Big company wealth guide

An average for a big company (giants like Amazon or Facebook or Google).

You can go one step further by mapping out your career for the next 10 years. 

Use GrowthAdvisor’s tools to:

  • Negotiate higher compensation;
  • Increase your stock options’ earnings;
  • Look for a job at any other company;
  • Get real-market data on salary and equity for any company;
  • Know when to exercise your stock options to get the biggest earnings;

How does this work?

We have developed special algorithms that have analyzed 800,000+ companies. 


Companies’ past performance patterns tell our algorithms what the future performance patterns might be. We can predict any company’s profitability, exit scenarios, and future valuations.

We make complex data simple, so you can use stock options to build long-term wealth.

 Get started. It’s free

Final Thoughts

Apple careers offer immense earning opportunities. Remember to think of your overall compensation as a way to prosper—to get rich slowly.

The salary that you get plus bonus is your cash base.

Your Employee Stock Options is your potential future cash base.

In the words of experienced investors, use your options as leverage. You don’t lose anything because your initial investment is $0. You might not make anything at all. Or you might make a lot. But…

An option is tied to time. As time goes by, the option expires. If you know how to manage your stock options, that “potential cash” can very much become a reality.

If you’re serious about building long-term wealth, start using GrowthAdvisor today.

Because we’re serious about helping you get financially independent and retire early.

 Get started. It’s free

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