Amazon Careers: All You Need to Know (to Make More Money)


Interested in Amazon careers? You’re not alone. Thousands of job seekers think of Amazon careers as their way to early retirement. No wonder.

The tech giant offers competitive salaries, premium benefits, and great perks. But wait…

It gets better. 

If you score a high-paying Amazon job as a project manager or a software engineer, you also get a nice chunk of the company in the shape of Restricted Stock Units. If managed right, those RSUs can make you lots of money down the road (more on how later).

In this post, you’ll learn how to go after Amazon jobs and how to make the most money with your Amazon career.

Let’s get to it.

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Why choose Amazon Careers?

Here are a few reasons you should go after Amazon careers:

      • Company size: Amazon is the second-largest private employer in the United States. As of this writing, Amazon has 469,690 global employees. That’s almost half a million. The only company that beats Amazon in this department is Walmart with 2,300,000 global employees. Amazon job openings started form 1995 where they hired 11 employees and then they have grown up to their current size.
      • Career growth: Amazon offers a chance to grow your career to the stars and beyond. Amazon is hiring on time to time basis as per their requirements. Well, maybe not exactly to the stars. But you can go a long way if you choose so.
      • Compensation & benefits: Amazon offers a competitive minimum wage of $15 per hour for warehouse jobs. It also offers competitive salaries at higher-level positions like a software engineer or a project manager. You get financial security, great medical plans, a nice vacation, and more.

Let’s take a look at these benefits of Amazon Careers one by one.

1. Amazon Hiring 

As per available information as late as in March 2020, Amazon is hiring several workers to manage their online shopping.

2. Financial Security

As an Amazon employee, you get a 401(k) retirement savings plan with a company match. You can start contributing to your 401(k) as soon as you’re hired. The plan gives you 20 different investment options to choose from. 

Plus, you get all kinds of insurances that Amazon pays for:

      • Basic life insurance
      • Accidental death & dismemberment insurance
      • Short-term & long-term disability insurance

Disability insurance is critical to have, yet it’s overlooked by many. Think of it this way…

If you die, your family’s expenses will get cut by half. After all, you no longer need to pay rent or eat food (bleak, we know, but true). But if you get disabled, the cost of your expenses will double if not triple. You want insurance for that. Let’s hope you won’t ever need to use it!

3. Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

If you’re eligible (Tier One employee and up), Amazon will offer you Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). Your RSUs will be vested when you meet certain milestones. Your vesting schedule and your milestones will vary based on your experience, position, and department. 

Why are RSUs important? Because if you manage them right, you can make much more than just your salary. More on how to do this later.

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4. Medical Plans

Amazon’s Medical Plans are just plain awesome. You get lots of plans to choose from.

Here is what’s covered 100%:

      • Preventive care
      • Emergency & hospital care
      • Mental health
      • Drug prescriptions
      • X-rays
      • And more…

On top of that, your plan will cover your eligible family members.

5. Maternity & Paternity Leave

Are you about to become a parent or a guardian? 

If you’re going to have a baby or to adopt a child, Amazon will offer you a fully paid maternal/parental leave with a Ramp Back Program. You can return to work after eight weeks. 

Your RSUs vesting will pause for the duration of your leave. It’ll resume after you get back.

6. Employee Discount

If you shop at a lot (and as a loyal employee, you probably would), you get an employee discount. 

That’s like getting a discount on anything. Because you can buy virtually anything on Groceries. Books. Movies. Clothes. Furniture. Electronics. Even cars.

The question now is not what you can buy at It’s what you can’t buy at 

Remember how Amazon started? By selling books online. Wouldn’t it be great if you went after one of the Amazon careers back then, got hired and got Amazon stock? You’d be a millionaire by now.

Don’t despair. It’s not too late to start. 

With GrowthAdvisor, you can find the best startups with the best jobs that offer the best Employee Stock Options grants. Translation: you get the option to own a piece of the company before it strikes big—hopefully, as big as Amazon. 

By owning stock options you can potentially make much more than salary—and retire early. 

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How to start your Amazon career

Okay, we agree that Amazon’s careers are still the opportunity of a lifetime. Right? Right.

But how do you go about getting an Amazon job?

The competition is fierce. And the employment itself is very demanding. But if you know how to get it and how to navigate your way to the top, you’re in for a win.

Here are a few tried & tested ways:

  1. Start from Amazon internship as a student
  2. Get a job as a graduate
  3. Get a job at a warehouse associate
  4. BONUS: If you’re qualified, get a job as a software engineer or a project manager

Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Start from Amazon internship as a student

This is a great way to get your foot in the door. And it doesn’t take that long,

Start early. Start cheap. Work your way up.

2. Get an Amazon job as a graduate

Have you graduated and waiting for a job opportunity? There are several Amazon Jobs that become available at times. To apply for a suitable Amazon Job you can go through the following details and understand the areas where you can get an opportunity as a graduate:amazon-jobs-for-gradsAgain, the same formula applies. Start early. Start cheap. Work your way up.

3. Get an Amazon job as a warehouse associate

Okay, let’s say you’re past your student and graduate years. You’ve done your share of starting early and cheaply. You want to seriously kickstart your career. But you may be lacking the degree or the experience to get one of the higher paying positions.

Consider a warehouse worker position.


This is a chance for you to get inside Amazon, get paid at least $15/hour, and get lots of benefits. And…to move up in your career.

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 4. BONUS: Get an Amazon job as a software engineer or a project manager

The best Amazon careers are careers in software engineering and project management.

If you have the education and the experience, go for the win. amazon-software-engineer-jobs

Read our simple 10-step guide on how to get a high-paying Amazon job.

How GrowthAdvisor can boost your Amazon career

You’ve come to the best part of this post. Amazon Jobs are the most sought after career options for employees. GrowthAdvisor can help you in:

      • Negotiate a higher salary;
      • Increase your RSU gains by predicting Amazon’s stock valuation up to 10 years into the future.

If you didn’t get an Amazon job, GrowthAdvisor can still help you:

      • Look for a job at any other company;
      • Give you real-market compensation data by projecting it 10 years into the future.

You’re probably thinking…

“Predict? Really? This sounds outright fantastic, if not impossible.”

We hear you. Let us show you how we do it.

We’ve analyzed over 800,000+ companies to give you real-market data on any company’s:

      • Potential profitability;
      • Exit scenarios;
      • Future valuation.

Our algorithms collect this data daily. And we’re adding new companies every day. By analyzing the patterns of past companies’ performance and growth, we were able to replicate those patterns up to 10 years out. 

Here is what you can do with GrowthAdvisor:

In short…

We’ve simplified complex financial data for you, so you can make better career decisions and make more money.

Because there is no other financial tool available (as of this writing) that lets you know not just what your stock options are worth today, but what they’re going to be worth two, three, or even ten years from now. 

This knowledge is invaluable.

This knowledge will help you retire early.

Simply enter any company’s name into GrowthAdvisor, and see how much money you can make at any company, any year from now.Explore GrowthAdvisorhqBetter yet…

See which specific job will give you the highest salary and the most stock options. Then see the potential exit scenarios for that company. This way you’ll know how much your stock options will be worth. And if it makes sense to get a job at that company or look for another job elsewhere.Employee stock options dataIt’ll only take a minute. But we think you’ll love playing with our tool. After all, you can search for all your friends’ companies and see if they’ve got competitive jobs. Heck, you can even search for that local startup you had your eye on but thought it was too risky.

Is it? Maybe yes. Maybe no. And maybe it has the potential to be the next Amazon. GrowthAdvisor will tell you.

So go ahead. Give us a try. It’s free.

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Final Thoughts

Amazon careers offer huge career-growing and money-making opportunities. It almost doesn’t matter which Amazon career you pick—or which one you qualify for. You’ll be working in one of the best workplaces in America. 

If you’re serious about making more money than just your salary, learn how to get the most out of your RSUs or Employee Stock Options.

We’re serious about helping you get there.

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