Apple Jobs: How to Get a Job at Apple — 8 Quick & Easy Tips


Dreaming about working at Apple? We can help your dream come true. The company has just relaunched its Apple jobs page. It’s filled with colorful, animated Apple logos—to draw in new job applicants. And not just any applicants.

Apple is looking for dreamers.

“Those open to daydreams and night dreams and visions and mirages. You’re more powerful than you think…and you are welcome here.”

Try not to stare at the animations for at least a minute. We dare you not to.

The power is clear. Apple is not only one of the best companies to work for (as rated by sites like Glassdoor). Apple jobs are some of the most innovative, collaborative, and fulfilling. This new Apple jobs page is a testament to that.

In Apple’s words, “An open invitation to open minds.”

So how do you get hired by one of the top leading technology innovators?

Here are 8 quick & easy tips to get you started:

  1. Research Apple jobs
  2. Study Apple’s hiring process
  3. Clean up your online presence
  4. Prepare for Apple’s interview questions
  5. Know Apple culture
  6. Get a referral from an Apple employee
  7. Do an Apple internship
  8. Love Apple products

Plus, as a BONUS TIP, you’ll learn how to negotiate for a higher salary and how Apple Employee Stock Options can help you retire early.

Let’s get right to it.

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Tip #1. Research Apple jobs

Consider this number. Two million.

apple jobs across all 50 states
Apple has created over 2,000,000 jobs in America. Of those 80,000 are Apple jobs.

You can be anyone from software engineer to project manager to marketing manager, designer or scientist or even a teenage customer support representative! Yes, to apply for one of Apple jobs, you have to be only 18 years old.

Talk about opportunities.

But this wealth of jobs can also be overwhelming.

We recommend you read everything you can about the company first on the Apple jobs site, then read Apple’s company profile pages on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

  1. Get a feel for what’s out there.
  2. Match your skills to open positions.
  3. Narrow down a list of your dream Apple jobs.

Now you’re ready for the next tip.

Tip #2. Study Apple’s hiring process

Apple is an innovator. And Apple is looking for innovators to help the company grow.

apple jobs growth in USAre you an innovator? What’s your dream? What’s your innovation story?

Every tech company has its own unique hiring process, and yet at the same time…

Every hiring process is pretty much the same.

Your job is to prepare for the general hiring process and to prepare for anything that’s unique to Apple.

For example, most tech companies will drill you on… But Apple will also ask you for it…

Tip #3. Clean up your online presence

Just look at the Apple jobs webpage again. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Apple Jobs
Look at your iPhone. At your iWatch. At your iMac.

Apple is known for its fanatical attention to detail. If you want to work here, they’ll expect the same from you.

Do this NOW…

Google your name, and see what webpages come up. Click on each one. Are they beautiful? Is every little detail in sync with your personal story?

Who are you, and why do you want to work at Apple?

Consider taking a new profile picture and updating it on all your social media profiles. Update and clean up your resume, then post it on your LinkedIn profile. Do the same for all the sites where you’re present.

Now sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labors. You’re ready for the next tip.

How many Employee Stock Options can you get at Apple?

Find out how many Employee Stock Options you can ask for when negotiating salary at an Apple interview. Use our GrowthAdvisor tool. We think you’ll love it.

Get started. It’s free

Tip #4. Prepare for Apple’s interview questions

Ah. Interview questions. The scary part of any job search that you can’t avoid.

The interview itself isn’t that scary if you rehearse it ahead of time.

Stage a realistic interview in your bedroom—complete with you answering questions out loud or doodling answers on paper. Better yet, ask a friend to stand in for the recruiter. And even better, record the whole thing and then watch it.

If you do this enough times, at the actual interview, you’ll be relaxed, which is what you want.

Remember, the interview is not only for Apple to ask you questions, but it’s also for you to ask questions of Apple. And to negotiate the compensation that you’re worth—and the right amount of Employee Stock Options. We’ll get later to a few excellent tips on how to do it.

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Until then…

Research sites like Glassdoor and CareerCup for the latest Apple interview questions (for your position), then print them out and stage your interview.

If you do this, you’ll be ahead of most of the applicants. Congratulations.

For your interview questions use the STAR answering method. Describe the Situation. Talk about your Task. Describe what action you took. Relay the Results.

Tip #5. Know Apple culture

Apple’s culture is the culture of secrecy. Or should we say, obsession? You can’t tell anyone what you’re working on. Period. End of story.

So think…would you be comfortable holding secrets?

On the other hand, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple is looking for “wicked smart people who have a point of view, and want to debate that point of view, and people that want to change something. People that want to make things better.”

Apple jobs for all- different together
Are you one of those people?

You can figure this out in two ways.

One, you can read articles online on everything from Apple jobs to Apple interview questions to the highest Apple salaries and so on.

Or two, you can experience it first-hand. That’s what we recommend.

Go to an Apple store and spend a day there. Talk to the employees. Note how they communicate, how they dress. Ask questions. By doing this you’ll have a better idea about Apple culture vs. reading a bunch of articles online (even including this one).

Tip #6. Get a referral from an Apple employee

Another important tip that will help you get your foot in the door.

Apple jobs are very competitive. The preference will be given to job seekers who are already familiar with the recruiter. Even better. If you meet a recruiter in person before the interview, you have a better chance!

According to, only about half of all applicants who got a job have applied online.

The other half got their interviews through an employee referral or by meeting recruiters at one of the recruiting events.



Connect to Apple employees on LinkedIn. Invite them out for lunch. Ask for help.

Tip #7. Do an Apple internship

An internship is an even better way of getting your foot in the door. Quite literally.

Apple has lots of programs where you can apply for an Apple internship:

  • For undergraduate and graduate students;
  • For part-time or full-time interns at Apple stores;
  • And even for positions like software engineer, where although you’re an intern you’ll be treated like a full member of the team.

There is one big difference between an internship at Apple vs. another tech giant like Amazon or Microsoft or Google.

Apple interns say that Apple employees are very loyal. While employees at companies like Facebook or Google often stay only for a few years and then leave to open up their own company (or for another job), Apple employees can stay with Apple for 20 or even 30 years.

And it all begins with internships.

So think before applying for Apple. Do you really want to work at this company for this long?

Tip #8. Love Apple products

Before we get to the tips of how to negotiate salary and Employee Stock Options at companies like Apple (and why it’s important), here is the final tip.

Love Apple products.

Even if you’re not applying for a software engineer position, you’re going to be part of the company. Everyone at Apple is fanatical about Apple products.

You probably are too, since you want a job there. Right?

And now, we’re going to show you something special…

BONUS TIP. Negotiate a higher salary and retire early with Employee Stock Options

At the very end of your interview, you’ll get an offer. (We hope you do.)

How do you know if the salary you’re offered is enough? And how do you know how much to ask for—with confidence?

Welcome to GrowthAdvisor.

Employee stock options made simple
We help employees as you ask for the number of Employee Stock Options that you’re worth (although Apple is probably going to give you Restricted Stock Units), and predict the value of your stock options up to 10 years into the future.


Because Employee Stock Options aren’t just a nice perk. Stock options represent money and ownership in the company without the risks or capital investment.

So you can be not only an Apple employee but an Apple employee-owner.

And if you plan ahead on how and when to cash out your stock options, you have a very real chance of becoming financially independent and retiring early.

Here is how it works:
  • You enter Apple and your desired job title into GrowthAdvisor;
  • Then watch GrowthAdvisor calculate your highest potential compensation, including your salary and the number of your Employee Stock Options.
  • And decide if you still want to interview at Apple;
  • If you do, when interviewing, you bring with you a printout of GrowthAdvisor’s analysis and ask for the salary and the stock options you’re worth;
  • GrowthAdvisor tracks the value of your Employee Stock Options automatically and alerts you to any changes, so you can make smart career decisions;

Sounds too good to be true?

Try it for yourself.growthadvisor-stock-worth-predicting-platformAnd if none of the Apple jobs pan out for you, don’t despair.

Use GrowthAdvisor to see who else is hiring in your city, what salaries and how many stock options are they offering, and what their value will be in 10 years.

All of a sudden, hunting for a job became much more fun, wouldn’t you say?

Even if you’re not looking for a job, it’s entertaining to simply browse GrowthAdvisor for companies and compensations.

We’re very proud to say that…

We have developed the world’s first stock-worth predicting platform. 

Yes, that’s right. You can now predict not only your job compensation but your entire career.

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Our tool gathers real-world data while you sleep—from over 800,000 companies. (And we add more companies every day.)

When you wake up, you see simple and easy-to-understand reports. No financial lingo required!Guide fitness-how much will you earn

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Imagine how this knowledge can help you.

It’s like traveling into the future to learn the number of the winning lottery ticket.

With GrowthAdvisor, you can:
  • Predict the value of your Employee Stock Options;
  • Predict the gains from your Employee Stock Options;
  • Negotiate for a bigger number of Employee Stock Options;
  • Negotiate for a higher salary;
  • Compare companies and compensations;
  • Look for jobs;
  • Plan your career;

Suddenly, all your career decisions will be informed by data. Facts. Numbers.

And suddenly, you’ll be able to tell if one of the Apple jobs is your dream job after all. Imagine how much time it will save you. Years. Maybe even decades.

But if you’re certain that you want to work at Apple, then go ahead and apply! There is nothing like starting. Make the first step, and let us help you get there—help you make better career decisions.

Apple jobs are dream jobs for many people.

But dreaming alone is not enough. Do your homework.

Research and Research and Research.

Use our FREE tool to see how much you can ask for—and how much wealth it will help you grow in the future. We’re here to help.

Good luck!

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